Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Cure Poverty

I sometimes ask myself what would be the one thing I would change in this world if I could. For many people including me the first answer that comes to mind would be to fix poverty. But then I think solving poverty is not possible without solving things that cause poverty. The answer to the question for me is education. 

Education can enable people to use their potential. In an utopia it can also prevent wars, corruption, diverging social levels, abuse, and ultimately poverty. We would never know if the next Einstein, Mozart, or Pasteur has the means to develop and take advantage of his/her full potential. A person who can possibly find the solution to many or some of our global problems could never find the opportunity to do so.

There are few labs around the world that do research on human extinction. Besides human suffering, that our goal is to hopefully minimize it, the accumulative delays in our social and scientific development can potentially cost us our very existence. You might think with yourself now that escalated quickly! However, our personal and group greed, as well as being unaware of the long-term consequences of our actions as a society can prove to be detrimental to us.

With a world that has 15.9% illiteracy rate for people of over 15, we need to be worried about our future. 

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  1. All problems are solvable and can be rectified if only we as humans choose to work together and care for each other. Poverty is not incurable or unsolvable.