Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last Generation of Knife Makers in Iran

It is sometimes hard to imagine that there is an occupation associated with every single item you find on the vast shelves of supermarkets. Nowadays almost all of the items are mass produced. However, not long ago most of these items were made by hands of masters of different crafts.

The traditional bazaar of Hamadan in western Iran has many sections named after an occupation. These names usually reflect the majority of shops in that section of the bazaar. For example, copper workers (مسگرها) refers to a section that people were providing services related to copper pots and dishes. These services covered the range from making new pots, to coating (سفید کردن), fixing and many other ones. Some other sections include butchers (قصابها), jewellers (جواهر فروشها), clothes (پارچه فروشها), etc. Some of these names now refer to the occupations that no longer exist but the name stayed such as coal sellers (زغالی ها) while people are running entirely different businesses there.

The photo below is taken in the knife makers sections of the bazaar, which is now a small and shrinking section. The master knife maker is examining one of his latest works. There is a high probability that he belongs to the last generation of traditional knife makers. A job that his father taught him, and the father learned from his father and so on.

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