Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Afternoon in a Barbershop

Shaving in a barbershop should be an interesting experience. I mean trusting your neck with another person who has a razor and is not a doctor, right!? I saw it in movies but I didn't know that people still shave in barbershops. I think one of most famous scenes of a barbershop would be in The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin where he shaves the beard of his customer to the rhythm of Hungarian Dance No.5 by Johannes Brahms (here). A frightening portrayal of shaving would be in Sweeney Todd by Tim Burton (spoiler alert) where the barber use the shaving opportunity to take revenge from people. In many mafia movies there are references to shaving in barbershop like in The Godfather and Donnie Brasco. In The Godfather (spoiler alert) one of the hitmans who is going to kill one of the heads of the five families is shaving in a barbershop before the murder (here). In Donnie Brasco (spoiler alert) the guy who is kind of a reference for Donnie is shaving in a barbershop while telling Donnie don't embarrass me in front of Lefty.

A few months ago we did a feature in The Gateway called Pretty Boys: Barber Culture at Barber Ha so I spent about 2 hours in a barbershop called Barber Ha on Whyte avenue on a Saturday afternoon. So here are a few of my photos from Barber Ha:

and also you can read the feature here:

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  1. I like your narration of the barber shop and was laughing especially for shaving with Hungarian dance.