Friday, August 17, 2012

Caribbean Festival and Parade

If you have followed my blog you might have realized that I like taking photos of people. People in many different ways represent their culture as well. Cultural differences always amazed me and to me diversity of human life style is just incredible.

Last weekend the Caribbean festival took place in Edmonton. I know you might think that a festival or a parade cannot fully represent a culture and I agree. I guess an event like this might show a very little fraction of that region's culture. The question will be asked that how exactly one can represent a culture.

I think it is not possible to showcase a culture as a whole in one sitting. There are things you can see in a carnival and you can understand things about a culture by observing the parade, people's behavior, clothes, etc. However, even with a thousand carnivals, parades, and food booths one cannot fully grasp the heart of a culture.

I think by living among a groups of people and interacting with them on a daily basis you might have a better chance of understanding a culture (of course I don't mean in a 5 star hotel!!). However, as long as we do not have that luxury, we might as well try to understand as much as we can from these events bearing in mind that our understanding might be false or biased.

I hope you enjoy my photos.


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  2. I hope the problem is fixed now. Please let me know if it is not.