Sunday, June 24, 2012


- "I just had a c-section. I gave my son to a family who could take care of him."
- "Where is the father of the child?"
- "I was raped on street 4 times."
We all take photographs. The difference is in what we care about and how we look at things. During the time I have been doing street/documentary photography, I have had many conversations with people that I didn't know. I am grateful to them. They opened themselves and told me stories of their lives that you think could happen only to others or in movies:

- "Not many people have this tatu."
- "Where did you get that?"
- "I was head of a street gang."

Regarding ethics of journalism, I cannot say who in which picture said what. Their photos might be in any post or might not appear in my blog at all. The things I write are the things I heard from people and I trust them with the stories they told me. These are of course parts of longer conversations.

- "I survived a level 5 Aneurysm 10 years ago. I was in coma for 6 months and the problem was that I was walking in my coma."

The way I see it is that each person we see has a very distinguished personal history. Any part of these stories could have happened to us as well, or could have been part of our story. What I learned is to be grateful, to be respectful, and to love everyone.

- "I live in a group house."
- "What is that?"
- "I have schizophrenia and this house is for mentally ill."
- "Is it provided by the government?"
- "I live in a private one but there are governmental ones as well. You have to wait a long time to get into them. "
- "Why don't you live with your parents?"
- "My step-mom always gave me a bloody nose when I was a kid and my dad molested me."
- "Do you have any siblings?"
- "I have a brother. He always mentally abused me."

(Disclaimer: There is no implied connection whatsoever neither explicitly nor implicitly between the text of this post and the photos of this post or any other post that I have in this blog or anywhere else.)

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