Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grapes of Wrath

When I go out on a warm summer afternoon it is hard to believe that I experienced -40 at the same place. Suddenly empty streets are filled with people heading to cafes, bars, and restaurants. I saw a cat enjoying the afternoon by sleeping behind a shop window. It was so sleepy that it barely opened its eyes and noticed me and after a while it turned its back toward me and gave me this attitude meaning dude don't bother me and go away.

I talked with the man in the second photo as I was passing by him. He was retired after working almost 30 years for the Canada Post.  He told me that he is looking forward to see one of his grandchildren who is three years old now. He said he has not met this grandson yet.

The man in the last photo came to me and asked for money. His face immediately reminded me of the farmers from Oklahoma in The Grapes of Wrath book by Steinbeck. The farmers whose farms were taken by the banks and had to leave their ancestral lands to find food in California. It seemed like he just came out of my imagination while reading that book. I know there is movie based on the book but I have never seen it.

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  1. Great pics........ 124 St is such an overlooked place in Edmonton.