Saturday, April 28, 2012


Winter is almost over. Time passed by so fast. I remember 28 of April last year; it was raining. Summer is here again and lots of street musicians are playing on the streets of Edmonton. It is our chance to stop for a second, and listen.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Five Strings

I have heard it from lots of photographers and read it in many books that shoot what you are passionate about. I am passionate about people, culture, the way they think, what they do, where they live etc. This great variety amazes me. I enjoy every bit of short conversations I had with the people in my photographs even if I miss some of the things they say due to their very thick accent like the 5-string guitar player. 
Mario, the guy in the bar, was working in construction, but years ago he used to enlarge and print photographs for a museum and he explained to me how they would fix a folded or cracked negative.
Recently some of my friends asked me about the photos I take from windows and reflections. Well, I love windows and reflections! and I am working on a side project on windows. Additionally, by using window reflections you put two worlds on each other: The inside world and outside (street) world. It gives you a chance to experience both views at the same time in an abstract way. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Melting Snow

Do we have a concept known as Weather-Shock? It can be a concept parallel to Culture Shock. I think it can happen when you go to a place with a completely different climate change pattern from the one you are used to. It was warm for last couple of weeks. You experience a sunny day and a very warm afternoon then the next morning there is 20cm of snow everywhere and it is 15 degrees colder! But it won't stop there. The day after the day it snowed it is warm again and all the snow has melted. The first photo here shows the water from melting snow dripping from the rooftops in a back alley close to Whyte avenue. Some people also chose to have a warm cup of coffee since the weather was still a bit chilly.