Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TB, James Nachtwey, and a photo essay

This is an example of a great photo essay. I believe, James Nachtwey did a fantastic job, as he always do, in telling the very sad story of the harsh life for the people infected with TB. This is an example of a successful photo essay that tells the story and makes the viewer care. One should not think that anyone who has the opportunity to go to those countries can come back with such a powerful story even if he has witnessed the same thing.

I put this on my blog for several reasons. First, I wanted to bring a great example of a photo essay. Second, after seeing this I could not remain silent and not spread the word. Third, I always wanted to post about James Nachtwey. I do not think I can ever post something to do justice to one of the most amazing war and documentary photographers of our time. I will post more of his work later. If you are interested in him, you can watch War Photographer, which is a documentary about him.

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