Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alternative (Music + Photos)

I was supposed to shoot photos from the live performance of a band called Paper Lions for the newspaper.

Thursday night 7pm, I checked the schedule for Paper Lions concert in Pawn Shop on Whyte Ave. People at The Gateway told me that the show starts at 9pm, but the website said it starts at 8pm. As a result, I was there at 8pm sharp! They opened the doors at 9 (surprise surprise!).

So, finally the band started playing at 9:30pm and I took so many photos of them. Then they packed their stuff and I told myself OK I should pack too. I was about to leave, then I suddenly saw another band coming on stage! I told myself "...wait a minute! something weird is going on!". So I started asking questions from people and I realized that not only the band I photographed was not Paper Lions, but also this current band is not Paper Lions either! They will come after the second band! So I sat there and watched the bands play and made some photos until the Paper Lions came on stage. At least the music and sound quality were nice. During all this time I was telling myself that at least I do not have to waste anytime finding the right exposures for the lights since I already know it. But then when they finally came up, the stage lighting was totally changed! Anyway, I enjoyed 3 nice alternative rock bands and took some photos that I like. I have to say the staff and security at Pawn Shop were super nice to me and I have to thank them here.

I took an alternative approach in shooting this concert. I loved the movement and to play with lights. (I was not a fan of the stage lighting set up but anyway, I had to work with it!)

Some technical notes: Is the zooming effect added with Photoshop? NO! I knew some would ask so I have to say that you use a slow shutter speed, set your f-stop accordingly to give you correct exposure. Then while taking the photo, zoom out the lens and Voila! I prefer zooming out than zooming in. It gives me more control. Also be careful to put your subject kinda in the middle in this technique. Also you can only achieve this with a camera that allows you to change your zoom while taking the photo (likely an SLR). I also used external flash for some lighting effects in these photos.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Setting Sun

The fall is going away slowly and the winter is coming. The fall in Edmonton is very beautiful with many colors with the majority of golden leaves.  It was a warm afternoon, the leaves were falling, and the sun was shining. I put this leaf between the cracks of the table I was sitting on in front of my house and then composed the picture in a way that a wall with a deep shade was in the background.  After I took the photo I realized that it resembles the setting sun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Red on Blue

Time passes by very fast, like the cars passing by on a bridge. Cars won't remain on the bridge, but their red traces remain on photos, just like the red traces of things in life that remain on our blue hearts.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Organized Beggars

Back in July I visited my family in Iran. We traveled to the north of Iran together. On our way back to Tehran, we stopped in the city of Amol which is located in Mazandaran province 20Km south of the Caspian sea. I saw beggars asking cars for money. So I went to take photos of them while they where sitting on the other side of the street. I was crossing the street and as soon as they saw my camera they started running away. After I went back to my side of the street, they went to a shop keeper and gave all their money to them (apparently he was their boss or something). I could see from other side of the street that they are worried about the photos since they were also pointing at me while talking to their boss.