Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5000 Years Old City: Hamedan

It is hot. I am walking with my sister, Negin, in the old bazaar (marketplace) of Hamedan. Street photography is both easy and hard here. It is easy since there are thousands of interesting faces, events, shops, etc. It is hard because you have to choose like a predator who selects one out of a herd of a thousand. It is hard to separate a single photo from another 100 photos you can take at that moment with a hundred different events and points of views.
She has studied the architecture of Hamedan and leading me to these old places in bazaar and caravanserais. This old man was sitting at the entrance of one of the 18th century caravanserais called Golshan.

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  1. enjoy your stay there buddy,
    great shoot, I always admired your courage in getting close to people.