Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another Friday night. Despite the rain, streets are filled with people waiting to enter clubs. Clubs to me are eternal ongoing parties without a host. From the very few times I went to clubs, I can say that there is something missing. I am guessing maybe some intimacy among all, or some friendship.

There was a light rain and I wished I had three hands: Two for camera and one for umbrella. I am hesitant of wrapping the camera into a plastic bag since that might make people think I am spying on them! Just love the light at nights. It is so well defined. It is so visible. In daytime you have to pay much more attention.. There are many challenges, however, that can ruin many good photos. The rain drops were glittering under the street lights while a car pulled over and the lady driver started texting. Another person was so involved in a conversation while smoking outside of a club. And then there was the phonebooth standing under the rain, so shiny, so red, and so old.  

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