Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fashion/Glamor Photography

It was a nice day and the only problem was the direct sun. We have tried to avoid the sun at all costs but it was hard. I have to thank both Anastasia and Maria for their patience and cooperation. I have to also thank Dan McKechnie for helping us with the studio shots and giving us the required equipment. All I am posting here is some of the outdoor shots. Some of these photos are going to appear in a calendar. I will post the link to the calendar website as soon as it gets published.


  1. وااااااااای، امیرعلی عااالی بود این. بعد مدت‌ها اومدم اینجا و دیدم این عکسا رو. فوق العاده‌ان، بیا ایران از من هم از این عکسا بگیر

  2. May I add:
    نجاح باهر -- صور لطيفة جدا، امرأة جميلة جدا.