Sunday, May 15, 2011

City at Night

It was a clear sky and the stars were twinkling. City of Edmonton was shining like a treasure underneath the vast sky. The full moon was lighting up the river and the wind was singing in my ears. The clicks of the shutter were fading into the infinite emptiness of night.

Downtown Edmonton

Little Downtown
High level bridge and LRT bridge

The LRT bridge going toward university

Something worth mentioning is that I was retouching one of the bridge photos in Photoshop and then I looked at the menu and there was an option in File menu saying that "Close and go to Bridge...". At that moment I totally forgot that there was a software called Adobe Bridge and I was thinking I was at the bridge why should I close Photoshop and go again?!


  1. In my opinion all of those are very impressive,Although ,I love the first one and third photos more than others .because the stars so clear on the sky and of course in your photos. .thanks dear AmirAli..

  2. also the last sentences is very funny about adobe bridge::)))
    "P, Hootoshooop!?