Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Available Light!

I was taking photos on street using the very harsh sun of the afternoon. It was so harsh that I had to even use 1/4000 of a second and also use higher f-stops to prevent stuff from being burned! An ND filter would have been useful here. The reason for all this nagging about light is that in the photo with the man who plays the guitar everything is in focus because of that f number and I don't like that! Right now I found out that my ISO settings was on 1250 from the last photo shoot and I don't know how could I forget to fix such a thing! Now I can see the reason for that harsh light!

The good news is I found one of my good friends in Edmonton who was a photographer for The Gateway in 1970s. He showed me lots of his photos from Mount Everest and I am thinking of proposing a photo feature to The Gateway in September to publish his work. He is the backyard philosopher.

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