Friday, March 25, 2011

Computer Poker!

You might be wondering what does computer poker has to do with photography! It has nothing to do with it except when you have a vision about a photo! In early January there was an email from the Gateway to the volunteer photographers about some ideas for articles. There was one line that said something like "Guys, did you know that our university has a poker research group?!". Since I knew some of the professors at computing science poker research group and one of them was actually my former supervisor, I started thinking about this photo.
After some days I had the complete setup in my mind and I just needed 2 flashes, one tripod, one wide-angle lens, and a reflector, plus a deck of cards and some poker chips. I also brought my pipe from home and booked a time with professors and two friends to help me. As Ryan Jackson said in recent EDCUP, fail to prepare is preparing to fail, we came a little bit early to do some test shots. Then we did the photo shoot in half an hour and then some photos for fun with the available equipment. I have to thank Metanat, and my good friend Amirhassan who have been a great help for making this photo and article happen. I have to also thank Dan McKechnie for his encouragement and equipment plus Lance Mudryk for writing the article. Lets look at the photos.

Professors of Computing Science Poker Research Group at University of Alberta

Amirhassan posing with a pipe after the photoshoot

And here is the feature in the newspaper. You can read the feature PDF here (11MB).

Poker Research Feature in the Gateway

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