Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sun Flower

Simply a sunflower photo from my backyard photos of summer 2010.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ice Hockey

Taking assignments from newspaper is good in a way that forces you to explore what you have not had the chance to explore. I never did sport photography. Last week was the ice hockey match between University of Calgary and University of Alberta teams. I had with myself a 70-200mm and a 18-105mm and I used both of them. The arena was well lit but I am still puzzled about setting the white balance. I read that white balance for a hockey game is very tricky and I did not have a white card to fix that and even if I had, I saw that half of my photos are green and half are pink without changing anything ! It was weird ! Some of this pinkish stuff is the artifact of taking photos from behind the dirty and scratched glass around the arena. Anyway, lets make it short, It was a lot of fun, I suggest you do it and don't forget to take both wide and telephoto lenses.

Ice hockey is such a fast paced game and it is not possible to compare it to soccer or any other sport that I have seen before. It also has a certain amount of violence and that just makes it super amazing;) here is a photo of a body check that happened right in front of me.

Body Check

Calgary scored in this photo. However the final result of the match was Alberta 5-2 Calgary. The goalie of the UofA was amazing.

Watching ice hockey is for sure entertaining. Sitting in a safe place and drinking beer while players are butchering each other (metaphorically speaking) reminded me of Gladiator fights in Rome.