Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elk Island

Fall in Edmonton lasts only for a few weeks. However, if you have the opportunity to hike in national parks or river valley, you will enjoy the beauty of the colorful trees. Elk Island is located less than a hour away from Edmonton. It is sad that I could not be there for a 24 hour period to take photos of the sunset and sunrise.

Time and patience play a significant role in photography. It would have been helpful to observe different angles and compositions and wait for better light to take a photo of this place. However I didn't have the time. I took this with 10mm-20mm sigma.

The stripped trees in Elk Island were telling us that soon it will be snowing all over again and and this beautiful land will wear its white make up.

I will post more photos of Elk Island later. I am busy this semester. I have to thank Metanat who was very patient while I was stopping and taking a lot of photos.


  1. These are beautiful, Amir. How did you process the first one? The colours are lovely.

  2. Thanks a lot dan. I used the camera row converter to darken the blue colors (since they were all in the sky) and the light was really good, I dont thing I did much edit for the ground colors.

  3. Amir your work is absolutely stunning work...Really i love the way you worked...Amazing...keep updating..Thanks..