Sunday, August 8, 2010

Old Buckaroo

I felt the strong smell of some sort of cream, maybe a bug repeller ? I don't know, but the man's hands were white from a cream and he was robbing more cream on his hands. He looked like an old cowboy to me, even though he was in the city. Maybe because of his hat ? I guess even if he wasn't a cowboy, he was from this city, Edmonton, which has a good deal of cowboy culture pumping in its veins. Well, he was kind enough to let me take a portrait of him. Then I showed him the picture on the camera LCD and he replied, "yeah, that's me!".

I dedicate this photo to "William A. Allard" whose book, the Vanishing Breed, has inspired me and it has a lot more for me to learn.

Just a technical note, if the photo is too pale, or too saturated or too dark on your monitor, it might be that I have edited this photo using my laptop LCD and again the old calibration problem holds.

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  1. Nice, doesn't seem pale or dark to me