Sunday, June 13, 2010

A New Photoblog

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my photography blog. In this blog I am going to talk about everything related to photography including my works and other photographers' works. I hope this blog would help both of us, you and me, to pursue our goals which in my case is to improve my work and discuss photography from various points of views.

Frameless Frames is a goal I am trying to achieve. Some photos take you to a great journey far beyond physical boundaries of that photograph. There are so many ways to see photography and talk about it: different styles, different genres, different techniques. However, regardless of what a photographer's style is or what genre he is working in, if he can produce a frameless frame consciously, he has the power to change the world.

Now lets talk about this photo. I took this back in summer of 2009 in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. If you search for Lake Louise photos, most of them are from the same angle in which you cannot see the hotel and the camera is facing south-west. At least I did not see many photos from Lake Louise from other angles. The reason might be the fascinating beauty of Lake Louise when you enter its area from north-east. I took this photo in the middle of the walking path near Lake Louise and the camera was facing north-east.I used my Canon A640 (yes a compact camera with swivel LCD) to take this. I attached it to my tripod tilted the LCD to be faced down. Then I put the camera on timer and hold the tripod up in my hands in order to get the photo from a 3.5 meter-ish height. I could adjust the composition in the faced down LCD and I did the light metering and focusing when the camera was down.


  1. Hi AmirAli!
    Nice PhotoBlog with nice shot to start...
    Wish gain your goals here!

  2. Hi
    Nice post. I look forward to the next photos. Go Amir Go:)

  3. Very nice shot. wish you luck bro!

  4. it's nice and pretty useful to review these photos "technically" and hear your words about the "techniques" and "methods", but it would be fine if you describe them from another perspective... the story behind them or the way they wake so many things inside you or maybe how their compositions are reflecting some certain things!
    We are not great artists, musicians, photographers, writers or painters technically indeed and there's no escape from this! maybe the time was always against us or something...but the essence of artistry might emerge from another source!

    "Some photos take you to a great journey far beyond physical boundaries of that photograph" just remain faithful to this sentence.

  5. Love You Amir!!!!